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More than one Nexus 7 - first impressions.

Update: just discovered how to add users under settings,  which is different from accounts...  Mmmmmm confusion now cleared. 

Disclaimer: I'm a recent convert to android. Don't know where I have been all this time !!

Managed to Grab a Nexus7+ 32GB + HSPA device. As I already had a standard 16GB Nexus 7 , I was looking forward to seeing how google would handle my account across two nexus 7 devices. Suffice to say I was surprised.

After unboxing, things that raised my eyebrows :

- poor printed manual. Diagrams which did not match the actual device. It was as if the manual was for ASUSs' own tablet and they just dumped the leaflet/manual into the box of the Nexus 7. That's pretty lazy.

- a paper clip type device to help you "pop" open the sim card holder !! nice addition and it works well and it saves you hassle. Lost count of how much time I have lost trying to pop open sim card caddies in mobile phones, over the years. I didn't have a uSIM to hand, so never interested a uSIM card.

After charging the device and powering it on, I followed the setup process using my google account details. Once initial setup was done, the device proceeded to download ALL the apps I had installed on my other device. This is what surprised me, this included all the paid for apps too !! gobsmacked !! I was expecting some form of DRM control to say to me I cant use "this" app as I paid for it and already installed it on some other device. So this was nice.

Half the apps failed to install, automatically, this was a pain. It would have been nice if  the system installed the system update software BEFORE any app installation. Anyways I updated to Jelly Belly , and then manually installed all the failed apps.

Next what I wanted to check is the multi-user account feature. So I added another google account to the device.  What did this result in ? Well it meant if I opened up a google app like gmail / reader / google+  , I would be asked to select the google account I wanted to use with the app.

I have mixed feelings about this. It means you can manage multiple google accounts for the services on the device. BUT if the accounts are related to different people using the same device, then there is no privacy as the user can just pick any account from the list. Not sure if there is an app to manage multiple user accounts on one device and compartmentalise between them or if I have missed an options settings. If you have an element of trust in your household, then multiple google accounts on the same device and everyone being able to access all the accounts should be ok !! :-)

Also, It will be interesting to see if the build quality has improved. The original Nexus 7 had issues with the  LCD popping out and the headphone jack socket giving audio in one channel only as it seems to have come away from the main board and you have wiggle the headphone jack!! lets see.....


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boom Boom Afridi....


BOOM BOOM is coming to Hampshire....Rock n Roll

List of records held by Shahid Afridi
Pakistan's Shahid Afridi is arguably one of the most loved and followed cricketers in Pakistan. Afridi came to the limelight after scoring the fastest one-day international century (102 off 37 balls) against Sri Lanka in Nairobi on October 4th 1996, a record that is yet to be surpassed (and one that may never be). Here is list of the records held by Shahid Afridi.

Fastest Century:
In his second One-day International, and his very first innings, Shahid Afridi walked in with Waqar Younis' bat [gifted to Waqar by Sachin Tendulkar], and blasted the then World Champions, Sri Lanka for the fastest ever 100 in one-day International cricket. His destructive innings brought up three figures in just 37 balls.

Afridi also holds the record for the 4th (100 of 45 deliveries) and 7th(100 of 53 deliveries) fastest hundreds which he smashed against India and Bangladesh respectively.

Fastest Fifty:
Shahid Afridi also holds the record for twice hitting the second fastest fifty in one-day Internationals (off 18 deliveries), and he has the record for hitting the 5th fastest fifty to his name as well (off 19 deliveries).

Shahid Afridi has also scored fifties off 20,21 and 22 deliveries.

Youngest player to score a hundred:
Shahid Afridi is the youngest player ever to hit a one-day International's century. He scored his first century of International career at the age of just 16-years and 217-days.

Highest career strike rate:
Shahid Afridi has the *highest strike-rate in one-day International's [5882 runs] at a strike-rate of 113.82 per 100 balls.

*Minimum qualification for this record [1000 ODI runs]

Most sixes in career:
Shahid Afridi holds the record for hitting the most sixes in one-day International's, he has so far smashed 289 sixes in 325 matches. Sanath Jayasuriya who is second in the list has 270 sixes to his name in 444 ODI matches.

Most runs off one over:
Shahid Afridi holds the number two position in scoring most run off one over in ODI's, in 2007 he smashed Sri Lanka's CM Bandara for 32 runs in over [the most runs off one over record belongs to South Africa's Herschelle Gibbs 36 in one over].

Most matches in career:
Shahid Afridi is 10th in the list of most one-day International's played by a cricketer. Among the Pakistani cricketers he sits in at number three behind only Inzamam-ul-Haq and Wasim Akram.

Most Man of the Match Awards:
Shahid Afridi has won the man of the match award 24 times in his career, among Pakistani's he is second only to Saeed Anwar who has 28 man of the match awards.

Most wickets in career:
Shahid Afridi is one of eleven players who have taken more than 300 wickets in one-day Internationals, he sits at the number ten position jointly with India's Javagal Srinath, having taken 315 wickets in one-day Internationals. Shahid Afridi is also the third highest wicket-taker from Pakistan in one-day International's behind two legends of Pakistan cricket Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis.

Most wickets in T20 career:
Shahid Afridi also holds the record of being the leading wickets taker in T20 International's, he has 53 wickets to his name leading fellow Pakistani's Umar Gul, second with [47 wickets] and Saeed Ajmal, third with [43 wickets].

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Push it to the limit..

Want to be inspired ? well I am not a big fan of the williams sisters.. but what Serena did today, well you got to admire her grit & courage.. read on...

30 June uk bombers are nutters

These nutters were not homegrown : read on..